Welcome to Catshark’s Pupping Cove!

A safe shallow water playground for shark pups of all species!

When you hear the word shark, what is the first word you think?  Most people think, “scary!”  Many people think sharks are large scary fish that chase people in the ocean.  The truth is that sharks come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  You might be surprised to learn that the largest fish in the ocean is the Whale Shark and that it is also a very gentle fish!

Did you know a baby shark is called a pup?   Did you know the place where baby sharks are born, grow and learn to hunt is called a pupping ground?  That’s why the name of this site is Catshark’s Pupping Cove.  It’s a place where young sharks (like you) can come and grow as you learn about sharks.  Dive on into our Shark School to learn more!   Along with information about sharks we also have some fun areas for you to play in like our online puzzles and coloring book!   Swim around, have some fun and enjoy the cove, the water is shallow and safe!


Our Little Sharks Gallery

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